Helicopter Adventure days out in the UK

Sightseeing from above

The world is full of amazing places. That's a simple truth that will always stay a truth. We people have created fantastic structures during our time on this planet. From ancient architecture to modern buildings, our imagination to picture and make real all these architectural projects is just limitless. Even villages, walls and roads that we have created without much thought, just laying them around here and there following our needs, may become great landscapes over time. 

But the beauty of our planet doesn't stop with human creations. Nature itself has shaped the land and the waters in a million ways, and it is impossible to enlist all geographical landmarks and landscapes that are out there to be seen. All the colours, the textures and the patterns that nature can create after elements beat the surface of the ground for thousands, millions of years, simply go over our heads. Our world is beautiful, and it can be an amazing experience to behold at least a tiny little bit of all this wonder.

You can walk around cities and the countryside and see all this amazing things, but if you really want to have an unforgettable experience you need to find a new point of view. The same structures and landscapes will look very different when looked at from a different angle. If you have traveled to a nice place, it is quite likely that you wanted to find a high place from where you could take a look around. Perhaps it was a tall building, a hill or a bridge. And you can go even further! There is definitely no experience that can match sightseeing from the sky. That's right, go up so high that you are actually flying over cities and valleys, over the ocean and the jungle. How to achieve that? Well, let us give you some idea.

Helicopter sightseeing

There are quite a few machines or devices that can take you up high in the sky for an amazing experience of sightseeing, but not all of them are very practical. In example, an airplane isn't the best for the job, because it often has small windows which provide reduced visibility, and in order to stay in flight it has to constantly move forwards at quite high speed, so you won't make time to look at anything before it dissappears in the horizon. Hot air baloons are popular at some places, but they are harder to find and the mobility is almost zero - in some casses they aren't even untied from the ground so they don't fly away in the wind -, so they aren't much of an exciting adventure over the ground, are they?

A helicopter provides the best balance between these extremes. Signing up for helicopter sightseeing is a great way to enjoy unforgettable views from above. A helicopter can hover in the air and fly much closer to the ground than an airplane, and the visibility is much better because it has larger windows. Accessing places and landing when on a helicopter is also easier since they don't need a landing track, so you can take a break at some nice spot and enjoy your suroundings when on the ground before taking off again. Heliports can be placed on top of buildings and in open spaces, so it is possible to board a helicopter in the middle of a city. This is very convenient if you are visiting a place away from home and you want to go for an aerial ride and see everything from above.

Take your chance with helicopters

Perhaps you think that all helicopters can offer you are a nice flight and some sightseeing, at least from a touristic point of view. However, there are stories out there of people whose lives have actually changed because of a helicopter flight. There are stories about people overcoming their fear of heights thanks to a helicopter sighseeing experience. The beautiful landscapes and the amazing time spent above ground have helped them see heights as a source of pleasure and amusement instead of something terrifying, and thant changed their lives forever.

Some of these people have even chosen to learn to fly helicopters, which is a surprisingly convenient business when you think about it. Helicopter pilots aren't as common as airplane pilots, so they are more requested. You can buy a helicopter as an investment and fly tourists around for a living, and helicopter flying courses aren't as expensive as they seem to be. Everything in this world can be a chance for success if you choose wisely!


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