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Holiday Boating Fashion- What to Wear On the Waves

As summer swings around again and the chic summer fashion kicks off, many of us will be idly eyeing the travel brochures and planning designer holiday wardrobes, as every girl wants luxury concierge charters to stand out from the crowd. 

Your favourite ibiza guide is usually a good place to start, to get a sense of what the holiday will be like, and what kind of outfits will be required.

For many the one special day on the holiday is when they charter a boat and spend the day on the water with the wind in their hair. Simply stick to the below guidelines and you will be good to go.


Ladies, a yacht is no place for heels or stilettos, nor indeed are shoes of any kind allowed on private boat decks in general. On larger 2019 season where shoes are allowed the boat owner or crew will still thank you for going for a white rubber-sole. A white one for attraction purposes in case of any accident.

However any flats or sandals for women are a good choice. In some cases, the captain may decide to ask you forego the shoes. This is to protect the deck, so cooperate. Gents are advised to have their sandals on, no leather shoes.


Beach cover ups are a must these days allowing for ultimate flexibility, and they should not be too long or too short. Go for a knee length dress or shorts. Cotton, chiffon and silk is the most preferred material for ladies’ attire. To the gents, long pants are ideal as are the aptly named boating shorts, and should be made of linen, seersucker or cotton. A polo style shirt or button up shirt to match can also do the trick. For safety purposes, both the ladies and the gents should be in bright colored clothing. Stick to red, navy blue, yellow or orange.

In case you plan on going for water rides on jetskis or similar watercraft; carry your towels and a swimming suit. It should also be light and bright colored. Remember to be always comfortable; do not go for a suit that expose you or worry much if it is blown up by the wind or waves. However, depending on the type of yacht- the catamaran sailboat or motor yacht, have bed linen, both hand and body towels, face and beach towels for you. Soaps and perfumes are provided, but in case you want specific items that are unavailable on the boat, you can always use your own. Additionally, carry your sun cream as the weather may change to summer.


It’s always advisable to keep off the loose articles like scarves and ties. Due to its space, you are more likely to get your scarf or bracelet caught on a rig, which is quite dangerous. However, one is not limited to tight bracelets, small rings or wrist watches tight in your wrist and understated necklaces. Ladies if you have a long hair, come along with a hair tie and style it simple, easy to undo and manage.

Do not wear very expensive accessories that you are afraid to loose or can get damaged by water.

For a luxury party yacht, make sure to bring with you an evening dress; simple and comfortable. Why should you come with a dress that after an hour you are on your husband’s jacket and wrapped in his scarves or too short that you cannot walk to the deck as the wind blow? Top dress and shorts are an option but they should be flow shapes and luxe fabric.


Caution before boating; ensure you have your u. It is a vital guide on do and don’ts while on boat. Ignorance may be dangerous and leads to disastrous circumstances. Take for example the heels on board, the probability of tripping and falling is high. It not only cautions; it also avails a variety of ideas on best boating and yacht surfing methods. The information is to enlighten you and each year the guide book changes depending on the weather, don’t ignore.

 In conclusion  

Do not think of carrying sharp objects like razors, knifes, and needles. They pose danger not only to you but also to second and third parties. A first aid kit is crucial as part of your luggage; it is available on many yachts but it is wise to have yours. Life jackets and any kind of attire to be worn during emergencies should not be foregone. As much as you plan on having fun, ensure that you are safe. 

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