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The Health Benefits of Walking

Our Health - Our Wealth

The biggest wealth humans have is their health. It’s unfortunate that most humans don’t give much importance to their health and adopt lifestyles which are often harmful for their body. The fact is that there is no need for humans to adopt ‘healthy practices’ in order to stay healthy. All that we need to do is to avoid a lifestyle which would harmfully affect our organs and our body. Eating junk food, smoking cigarettes, using drugs and drinking too much alcohol can all badly affect the body and disturb the balance of health. 

However, it is not that difficult to regain health and stay strong if you can adopt some healthy life practices into your lifestyle. While it’s important that you leave all the harmful habits, simply toning down the urge to eat junk food, of smoking cigarettes and of drinking alcohol can help if you can combine it with regular exercising and healthy activities like walking.

Walking should be a part of everyone’s routine actually and is a very under-rated health activity. walking has many benefits but people don’t walk a lot anymore with the advent of cars and trains and every sort of transport. So, rather than simply walking three blocks to go to a cinema or a food joint, people now prefer to go in cars and thus, there is not enough physical activity for the body. Here are a few great benefits of walking and seeing these benefits, it remains imperative that you incorporate walking a certain distance every day in your schedule. 

Main Benefits of Walking

There are numerous benefits of walking as walking can be classified as non-stressful physical activity. You will hear many people talk about going to the gym for a great workout and most part of the great workout would be on the treadmill. If you don’t have the time for that then it’s a good idea to simply avoid taking the car or the bus for every small distance travelling that you have to do and to simply walk to your destination.  If you want to find motivation for doing all the walking, take a look at all the health benefits of walking:

Keeps the Heart Strong

A lot of our body’s health is totally concerned with how healthy our heart is. The stronger the heart, the more it will be able to pump blood and the more energy will course through our veins. Research suggests that walking ensures that levels of good cholesterol rise and the levels of bad cholesterol go down. Walking lowers the risk of heart disease with issues like high blood pressure and avoidable by walking for 30 minutes every day. 

Keeps Cancer and Diabetes at Bay

It might be a bit astonishing to read that walking helps prevent Diabetes but walking consistently can extremely lower the risk of both cancer and diabetes. The risk of type 2 diabetes is lowered by 60% with walking with the chances of colon and breast cancer decreasing by around 20%.

Keeps you Fit and Smart

Your weight can also be kept in check simply by walking. If you are already very fat then you would have to combine walking with other physical exercises in order to burn enough calories to lose weight. However, for someone who wants to maintain a healthy body and wants to keep the weight in check, a fast walk for 30 minutes should be able to do the trick.

Keeps You Full of Energy

You might feel that walking is a strenuous and exhausting activity but you would realize that you feel more energetic on the day when you will take a walk as compared with the day when you won’t. This is because when you walk, your blood circulation increases and oxygen is pumped readily to every cell of the body. So, this improves your energy levels. 

What You Should Do Before You Start Walking Regularly?

There is one thing that you need to take care of before you start walking regularly and that is to get some footwear which would suit your feet the best. Issues like overpronation and usage of incorrect footwear often leads to a poor posture and if you would walk consistently with such problems, you are bound to do more bad than good.  So, proper, supportive footwear is important

The best way to do this would be to use orthotics which will help you re-align your feet so that you would have a solid base and this would improve your posture automatically. Footlogics is a great place for finding orthotics that would suit your needs perfectly. 


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