Holiday Boating Fashion- What to Wear On the Waves

As summer swings around again and the 2015 season kicks off many of us will be idly eyeing the travel brochures and planning designer holiday wardrobes, as every girl wants chic holiday clothes to stand out from the crowd. 

Your favourite holiday guide is usually a good place to start, to get a sense of what the holiday will be like, and what kind of outfits will be required. Read More...

Check your skin regularly

Sunlight – Friend or Foe

Almost everyone loves sunlight! We enjoy the warming sensation of the rays of the sun of our skin, especially the winter. But how safe is it really for us to be exposed to the sun’s rays? Don’t get me wrong. Sunshine is essential for our overall health and well-being; however, it is unhealthy for us to be exposed to the rays of the sun without protection. If our exposure to strong sun rays are constant, we can suffer dangerous consequences. The sun emits ultraviolet in three forms and all three forms can affect us negatively. 


Exposure to UVA can result in the formation of wrinkles on the skin and discoloration of the skin. 


Exposure to UVB can result in damages to protein in the skin causing severe sunburn or skin cancer.


Exposure to UVC can result in mutations in our DNA.

Skin Cancer – On the Rise in Young People

According to this article, skin cancer is definitely on the rise. A new research from the Mayo Clinic confirmed this. Not only did this research confirm this but it also confirmed that this disease is on the rise especially among younger people. These are the ones who spend a lot of time outside, enjoying the sun. In addition, this research also shows that the most deadly type of skin cancer, melanoma, has also drastically increased over the years and is most commonly found among young women. The fact is that the majority of young people do not consider the consequences of being in the sun; however, as mentioned above, being in the sun unprotected and constantly, can affect you harmfully.  Read More...

Top UK adventures you cannot afford to miss out on!

It's vacation time.......

Vacation time is a time to let loose, travel and experience new adventures in new places. A change of pace and routine from what you’re used to at your home is always a refreshing experience, and what better place to visit than the UK.

Known for its long and rich history, the UK is riddled with numerous attractions for everyone looking to make a memorable time out of their vacation. From the historic sites, to the local cuisine, to the ever vibrant night life, the UK has it all. Read More...

What you need to know when touring the UK

Is it time for your next vacation? Visit the UK!

The UK has a long and glorified history which to this day serves to attract people from all over the world to come visit and sample it for themselves. As time went by, with the integration of modern amenities and what not, it grew still to incorporate even more attractions.

If it’s time for your vacation and you’re looking to the UK to give you a good time, rest assured there’s plenty to look forward to. Here we’ll take a look at some of the things to consider when you’re planning for adventures in Englandor a tour of the UK in general and what to expect over the course of your trip.

Things to consider

i.    Visa
First and foremost, ensure your visa and other papers allowing your entry and stay in the country are in order. Problems associated with this part can be quite costly and greatly inconvenience your plans. Read More...


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